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9/10/2019 | PAL College Planner

Helping Kids Achieve Their Full Potential

Waterbury PAL seeks to help our high-performing students to achieve their full potential by linking them with the resources that can make a difference in their educational aspirations and throughout their lives.

This planner is meant to serve as a base for students who wish to attain a traditional college experience. College is not the only route towards success but rather one of many trajectories one can take to achieve what they want. We urge students who do not wish to attend college to pursue their dreams through other avenues such as vocational or certification programs. 

Download the College Planner 

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Call us or have us call you. The Waterbury Police Activity League office is located at 64 Division Street. The office is open Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. It is $30 a year to be a member of PAL.

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Call Us:203-346-3921