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Attention:Summer Youth Bootcamp Participants

Urgent information for Boot camp participants:

At this time we have reached the maximum number of participants that can attend Waterbury PAL’s Summer Youth Employment Bootcamp. If you cannot attend all 5 days for any reason, please call PAL at (203) 346-3921 and let us know ASAP so that we can fill your spot, as they are very limited. We will continue to compile a waiting list of participants using the link in the flyer below.

Youth who do not participate in Bootcamp here at PAL can still apply for summer youth employment. More information regarding this will become available after April 14th,2023

Summer Enrichment Academy Online Application Link

Please disregard the teacher recommendation field is no longer a requirement.

Summer at Taft

Waterbury PAL


PAL is a not-for-profit organization which promotes partnerships between youth, law enforcement and the community through educational, athletic, and recreational programs designed to encourage team building and foster positive relationships.

This is done through programs that emphasize education and learning, as well as participation in sports and activities. The goal of PAL is to enable all young people, regardless of race, religion, income or handicap, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.



Monday-Friday: 8am-4pm

Saturday-Sunday: CLOSED 

For more information, please call the PAL Office at 203-346-3921 or for better contact email us at

“Every child deserves an opportunity to realize their potential. It is amazing to watch these kids grow, learn, and develop confidence. They are the leaders of tomorrow. We are challenging you the members of this community to support our future leaders,”

Neil M. O’Leary, Mayor, City of Waterbury





Police Department 




Waterbury PAL is a proud member of

National PAL 



City of Waterbury 

Local Youth Health & Wellness Fair

Learn how to be your best self with our experts in nutrition, mental health and physical health, including yoga/mindfulness. *No Walk-ins *Must be registered prior to April 7th. *Free Lunch provided Just need someone to talk to? Our people are ready to listen, and help you find the success you deserve.

Join NRWIB's free Local Youth Health & Wellness Event

Local Youth Health & Wellness Event

Spring Sports

Baseball registration is now open for Boys ages 7-14!

T-ball registration is now open for ages 4-6 co-ed!

Girl's basketball ages 7-14 registration is now open!

Boy's High School Basketball League has begun!


Neighborhoods Program-Shakesperince

Shakesperience invites you to Join us and Celebrate stories of the Neighborhoods of Waterbury through theater, music, dance, and visual art. Find your voice in the chorus of history Raise your voice into the future!

Neighborhoods Program - Shakesperince

Neighborhoods Program - Shakesperince

Waterbury PAL would like to thank all of the businesses who continue to support our program. For a full list of businesses or to visit their websites please go to the Donate Tab and click on the Business Supporters tab listed on our Donate/Supporters page. 

PAL would also like to thank all of the families, individuals, and City of Waterbury Employees who continue to support our organizations. A full list of our supports is under construction and will be available soon.  

"Today's Youth - Tomorrow's Leaders"